A customer loyalty card that rewards members with points
from all their purchases in Mercury Drug stores.

Earned points can be used as payment for subsequent purchases.

Free membership

No annual fees

Fully transferable

Can anyone apply for a Suki Card?
Only customers who are 18 years old and above can apply for a Suki Card.
How do I apply?
Fill up the Suki Card Application online.
What other requirements are needed to apply?
You need to present Mercury Drug receipts of single or cumulative purchases worth P1,000 when you claim your Suki Card.
How and when can I claim my Suki Card after application?
You can pick up your Suki Card in your specified Mercury Drug store three (3) working days after submission of your online application.
Can another person use my Suki Card?
Yes, your Suki Card can be used by another person. It is fully transferable.
What are the privileges of the Suki Card?
Your Suki Card will entitle you to:
  • Suki points every time you purchase at Mercury Drug (every P200 purchase will earn 1 Suki point)
  • Special discounts on participating products in promotional offers
  • Suki Extra Points on selected products offered at the store from time to time
  • Other Suki promotional offers.
Do I have to pay an annual fee to get or keep my Suki Card?
No, there is no annual fee to get or keep your Suki Card.
How do I earn points with my Suki Card?
Just present your Suki Card every time you make a purchase at Mercury Drug. Every P200 purchase is equivalent to one (1) Suki point.
What happens to my earned points?
Your earned points will be automatically recorded into your Suki Card account and you can use these earned points as rebate in your next purchase or to redeem promo items like Suki Daybook, Mercury Drug coin purse, Mercury Drug ball pen, Mercury Drug umbrella and other Mercury Drug exclusive items offered from time to time.
How can I track the number of earned points?
You can send a Suki Points Query online or you can check your points personally at the Suki Card scanner or with the Cashier at any Mercury Drug store.
I am a senior citizen. Can I use my Suki Card when I purchase my medicines that get the 20% discount privilege?
No, purchases of senior citizen Suki Card members with 20% discount privilege are not entitled to Suki discounts and points, as provided in the Senior Citizens Act (Rep Act 9994).
What happens if I don’t use my Suki Card?
If you don’t use your Suki Card continuously for 180 days, any earned points will be reverted back to zero.
What happens if I lose my Suki Card? How about my earned Suki points?
If you lose your Suki Card, you must report the loss immediately at any Mercury Drug store.

To replace your Suki Card, just fill up the Suki Card Application online. You can claim your new Suki Card after five (5) working days in your specified Mercury Drug store. Present a valid ID (original and copy) and pay the P50 replacement fee.

All your earned points will be transferred to your replacement Suki Card. However, if your lost Suki Card is used by an unauthorized person and your points are used, you cannot transfer or redeem them anymore. We advise that you secure your Suki Card as your points are as good as cash.
Does the Suki Card expire?
No, Suki Card does not expire as Mercury Drug values the patronage of its loyal customers. Your Suki Card is good for a lifetime!