Mercury Drug is more than just a pharmacy - it is the country's trusted and caring health and wellness partner, providing the widest range of branded and generic medicines, as well as a complete line of healthcare and personal care products, including medical devices, and basic everyday needs. Through the years, Mercury Drug has opened store after store all over the Philippines to bring medicines within easy reach of its customers. Today, it has grown into a vast network of more than 1,000 stores nationwide with over 12,000 employees, who are continuously trained on product knowledge and customer service, to ensure that customers "have what you want, when you want it, where you want it, how you want it."



Mercury Drug began from a bottle of sulfathiazole, which was considered a wonder drug after the war.

It was 1945, and Manila had just been liberated from the Japanese occupation. The city was devastated and medicines were scarce and expensive. Mariano Que, who worked in a drugstore before the war, saw the need. He went to Bambang St., Manila, where the action was then, on advice of a friend, and saw a peddler selling sulfathiazole there. He recognized it as the 'wonder drug' believed to cure all diseases. Seeing a 'W' on the tablets, he knew it was the genuine sulfathiazole. He tried to buy a bottle for P100, the only money in his pocket.

The peddler wanted more but as Mariano Que had only P100, the peddler agreed to sell to him. He then sold these tablets by piece or “tingi-tingi” to make the medicine more affordable. With some profit, he was able to purchase other medicines and eventually a pushcart, which he loaded with his growing supply of pharmaceutical goods.

From these humble beginnings, the first Mercury Drug store opened on March 1, 1945 in Bambang St.

Mercury Drug Through The Years

1945. The first Mercury Drug store opened on March 1st in Bambang St., Manila.

1948. Mercury Drug introduced a customer delivery service.

1952. Mercury Drug began to operate 7 days a week, 17 hours a day, to provide convenient access to medicines to its customers.

1963. The self-service concept was introduced at its very first store in Makati City, which is today the model for all Mercury Drug Stores to ensure customer convenience.

1965. Gising 24 Oras – Mercury Drug's 24-hour service – was introduced at its Quiapo Plaza Miranda store. Today, more than 100 stores are open 24 hours.

1967. Mercury Drug installed a central computerized temperature-controlled warehousing system to ensure the freshness and quality of its stocks.

1969. Mercury Drug equipped its stores with biological refrigerators to preserve vaccines and other life-saving medicines.

1988. Mercury Drug makes Gift Certificates available to its customers.

1998. Mercury Drug introduced its exclusive Coupon Calendar, given to its loyal customers to help them organize and manage their schedules, and to help them save on purchases at the stores via discount coupons which they can redeem at any Mercury Drug store.

2000. Mercury Drug introduced its free Suki Card, a rewards system for its loyal customers that is fully transferable, without annual membership fees, to enable customers to earn points with their purchases that can be used as rebates in their next purchases or to redeem exclusive Mercury Drug items.

2002. mercuryTV was installed in all stores as a public health education service, to provide 'daily doses' of health information to customers.

2003. Gamot Padala service was introduced by Mercury Drug to offer various options of serving customers' orders - Call Order Pick-up, Order Online and Order Anywhere Pick-up Anywhere - in any Mercury Drug store nationwide. At Mercury Drug Quiapo Plaza Miranda, a giant electronic billboard (mEB) was installed as an outdoor health education and public service.

2009. Mercury Drug partnered with Citibank for Mercury Drug CitiCard, the first health credit card giving rebates on all purchases at Mercury Drug and other Citibank-accredited stores as well as joint use with Suki Card at Mercury Drug; and with Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation for Mercury Drug MyWallet, a Suki Card variant offering the convenience of an ATM card with the rewards of Suki points.

2011. Pharmacy counseling in-store or call-in service was made available to help customers with their medication queries on dosage, directions for use, precautions, potential side effects and adverse reactions.

2012. Mercury Drug launched Suki Daybook, an all-in-one annual journal, planner, health and wellness notebook, exclusive to Suki Card members through redemption with Suki points. It also opened its first drive-thru pharmacy service in its San Juan City Greenhills Ortigas store, and launched its official Facebook and Twitter pages.

2013. Mercury Drug provides its pharmacy information service containing basic drug information, written in easy-to-understand layman language, in its website, to supplement medical consultations.

2014. Mercury Drug opened its second drive-thru service at its Biñan City Southwoods Ecocentrum store.

2015. Mercury Drug launched its own mobile app to enable fast, easy and convenient access to its store locations, promotional offers and services. And it opened its third drive-thru service in Makati City EDSA Danlig.

2016. Mercury Drug adds another drive-thru store to its network with the opening of Mercury Drug Las Piñas City Villar SIPAG. This year, the company achieved another first with the launch of its sticker pack in Viber called Mercury Drug Healthy Vibes, the first Philippines corporate animated Viber stickers.

Indeed, Mercury Drug has come a long way from its humble beginnings in Bambang St., Sta. Cruz, Manila. In the years to come, its spirit of service continues to help keep the nation healthy.

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  • Best-of-the-Best Award - Top 500 Awards. Retail Asia.
    This award is conferred on a select group of retailers who have been nominated from the top-ranking retailers in each of the 14 Asia-Pacific economies and who are judged by an independent jury to stand out with their clear and outstanding business strategies and their agility to respond decisively to changes in their operating environment.


  • Father of Philippine Health and Wellness Retailing, conferred on Mercury Drug’s founder, Mariano Que. Award given by the Philippine Retailer’s Association, "for being the pioneering spirit behind health and wellness retail industry and for spurring an industry that ensures that high quality medicines are always available within reach of Filipinos, regardless of age or economic class."