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Uplifting Your Mental Health During the Pandemic

Meditate. Our minds are vulnerable, and we tend to overthink of the worst scenario we can come up with. Meditation is a proven effective way to shoo away negative thoughts. By meditating, we allow our mind to rest and become more aware of what is now rather than overthink on what we can’t control.

Massage. Reduce muscle tension by indulging yourself with a massage. It’s a great way to relax, ease your muscles and improve blood circulation.

Rest. For our bodies to function efficiently, we need at least seven to nine hours of sleep. Depriving your body its need to rest and recover can lead to health risks and a tendency to fall into depression.

Exercise and eat healthy. Exercise gives your body endorphins and regulates brain activity, which results to a better mood. Eating healthy food with a good diet helps in managing anxiety levels. By engaging in physical exercise and maintaining a healthy diet, you boost the physical and mental strength of your body.

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