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Tips for a Less Stressfu
Immunization for Your Child

As a parent, taking your child for a vaccination may be equally as stressful as it is for them. Reading about possible preparations beforehand and keeping these tips in mind may help in a less stressful well-visit to the doctor.

  1. Ask for something sweet for your young one. Having something sweet can help reduce their pain during vaccine.
  2. If possible, a great way to calm and relax your baby is to breastfeed. Breastmilk has a slight sweetness which can help reduce pain.
  3. Ask for a pain reliever or ointment. Pain relievers can block pain signals from the skin. Using it beforehand can reduce your and your child's stress when vaccinated.
  4. Stay honest and calm. Take time to explain in simple terms what your child will go through. Reassure them of the importance of vaccination to their long-term health.
  5. Divert attention. If allowed, you may bring an item that brings comfort to your child. You can use it to pull your child's attention away from the shot giver.
  6. Monitor after visit. Your child may have reactions or minor side effects after the shot. It's important to occasionally monitor and contact your child's doctor if anything concerns you.
Ref: Accessed March 2020