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Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Here’s for our mommies: this Safe Motherhood Week, tips for a healthy pregnancy term.

Exercise. Stay active to reduce stress, you can take on a few household chores or light exercise such as yoga or speed walking.

Take your vitamins. Best to consult your doctor which vitamins you can and should take for essential nutrients.

Have a birth plan. This is not only to note your plans after your pregnancy but also to keep track of your body changes during your pregnancy. Take time to talk with your doctor, discuss about your pregnancy problems or how you’re feeling and jot them down.

Watch your diet. Aside from the vitamins, you should also get your needed nutrients from fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy home-cooked meals or snacks. While it is fine to give in to your cravings, make sure to munch more on food that are beneficial not only to your palate but to you and your baby as well.

More water. Cut back on caffeine, instead drink more water to help prevent constipation, hemorrhoids and other uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms.

Skin care. Being pregnant makes your skin more sensitive to sunlight. Apply sunscreen to avoid those unwanted dark, blotchy spots.

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