Photo by Clem Onojeghuo from Pexels

Tips For A Healthier Diet Plan

Health is wealth. As we become more conscious of the food we put in our body, it's also important to be critical as not every health claim is entirely true.
Here are a few busted health myths and tips to guide you in choosing a better diet plan.

Junk the junk. Refrain yourself from buying too much sugary drinks and junk foods as these contain excessive sugar and useless calories. These are also snacks that are addictive, making them the most fattening food that contributes little nutritional value. Choose natural banana or potato chips in exchange for those salty chips with too much preservatives.

Not all low-fat means healthy. One of the longest running myths when it comes to losing weight is to consume low-fat foods— not true. Studies show that not only is it ineffective but harmful, too. Make sure to choose foods that are naturally low-fat instead of processed "low-fat" foods which are usually loaded with unhealthy ingredients.

Fats doesn't exactly make you fat. It's true that fat has more calories than protein and carbs but avoiding having it in your diet won't necessarily help in losing or avoiding added weight. Opt for salmon or avocados which are packed with healthy fat. All food can be fattening be it protein-packed, high-carb, or low-fat food— at the end of the day it would depend on your diet and overall lifestyle.

The number on the scale isn't your health. It's good to be conscious about your weight but how much you weigh isn't the only factor to consider in terms of being healthy. You may improve your health by losing weight, but it is also possible without doing so. When planning for a meal, make sure to consider your body type and you get the proper nutrients from the food you eat. Consider the basics from the food pyramid— Go, Grow, Glow.

Ref: Accessed March 2020