Image by MabelAmber from Pixabay

Strengthening Your Bones and Joints

In observance of Bone and Joint Awareness week, we offer you tips to keep yours healthy as you age.

Indulge in calcium-rich food. Our bones are packed with calcium, and the only way to maintain it in our body is to eat calcium-rich foods like milk, almond or tofu. A glass of milk every morning can bring many benefits in developing our bones.

Get sun kissed. Aside from calcium, vitamin D is also essential in strengthening our bones. Don’t shy away from the sun but make sure to apply sunscreen, too.

Be mindful of your posture. Whether you’re walking or sitting in front of your computer, make a mental note to check up on your posture every now and then. Keeping an upright posture strengthens the joints in your hip and back.

Monitor your weight. Being conscious of your weight is good for your body and vanity. Keep a healthy weight especially as you age. Excessive weight can be a problem in the future, and can possibly result to weak joints and minor body pains.

Exercise. An obvious and best way to take care of your joints is to engage in physical exercise. Regularly working out your bones will prevent it from deteriorating, which inevitably comes with age. A morning walk or just by taking the stairs instead of the elevator can benefit you in the long run.

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