Photo from Pixabay

Skin Care for the Summer

As the heat wave of summer hits, note these ways to avoid a rough and dehydrated skin.

  1. Boost your collagen. Our skin is made up of 75-80 percent collagen. One way to keep your skin glowing is to eat foods rich in vitamin C to boost your collagen in helping your skin stay firm and healthy.
  2. Exfoliate. Dead skin cells damage the skin, causing those uneven skin tone and skin blotches. Stay in the shower a little longer and scrub those dead skin cells away. Exfoliate regularly if you want to keep that glow.
  3. Go natural. Choose products that contain natural ingredients or better yet, search for a safe home alternative with ingredients that are easily found in your kitchen shelves.
  4. Sunscreen. Dark spots and wrinkles can easily be prevented by lathering sunscreen to your skin before going out in the sun. Remember to bring along your sunglasses to protect your eyes and a trusty lip balm for your lips.
  5. Keep it cool. Snack on fruits fresh from the fridge. When thirst hits you, make sure to grab a cool glass of water or for flavor, coconut juice instead of carbonated drinks. This will reduce your body temperature after being out in the sun for too long.
Ref: Accessed April 2020