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New Normal: Standard Reminders

As we transition to GCQ/MECQ, here are a few reminders to keep and adapt to the new normal.

Make a list. Before going out for groceries, make a list of what you need to buy. Make sure to include foods that are nutritious. Instead of stocking up on canned goods and processed foods, buy fresh vegetables and fruits.

Sanitize. Make sure to sanitize your hands to protect yourself and others. Avoid touching surfaces that are publicly accessible or frequently touched. Although establishments now offer alcohol and sanitizers at entrances and at strategic locations inside, it is still best to carry your own so you can sanitize whenever you need to.

Disinfect. Make it a habit to disinfect your groceries before storing; use alcohol or 0.5 percent bleach solution. Fresh perishables must be washed under running water.

Distancing. Follow the set rules and regulations. Most establishments have markings on their floor to guide buyers and ensure distancing. Steer clear of crowded places.

Ref: Accessed May 2020.