Image by Padrinan from Pixabay

How to Spot Fake Medicines

Visual inspection. The first step in identifying fake medicine is to closely look at the product. This is also, the easiest way to spot a counterfeit especially if you are already familiar with the medicine.

Unusually cheap price. Be on the lookout for medicines that are alarmingly cheap, although, medicines being sold cheaper is not always the case or a solid basis, as some fraud retailers still sell it at the same price as the genuine or generic brand.

Unexpected side effects. Unusual side effects, allergic reactions or worsening of medical condition after taking the medication may indicate it is counterfeit. Taking of such medication should be stopped immediately.

How to protect yourself. Lower the risk of buying counterfeit medicines by buying only at registered and trusted pharmacies. If you are looking for an affordable medicine, check if the medicine has a generic counterpart. As much as possible, do not trust unregistered online resellers. If not sure about the authenticity of your purchased medicine, seek the assistance of a pharmacist. There's no harm in making sure you are purchasing a legitimate medicine.

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