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Ways To Prevent Eating Disorders

There is an alarming rise in eating disorders especially among the youth. Prevention is possible and early intervention is necessary, with parents playing a vital role in helping their children adopt healthy eating attitudes.

Here are some tips on how to prevent eating disorders:

• Eat naturally
Eat a variety of nutritious foods. Eat when hungry, stop when full. Do not count calories and avoid placing foods into categories such as bad or good.

• Accept body appearance
Avoid judging yourself and others based on body weight or shape. Appreciate and talk positively about your and others’ appearance. Compliments are healthy self-esteem boosters.

• Celebrate yourself
Move more. Know the value of physical activities which promotes good health, strength, and stamina. Challenge ideas of insecurities and worthlessness.

• Cultivate healthy relationships
Create a healthy relationship within your family. Parents should be positive role models by eating healthy food. Avoid withholding food as a punishment or using it as a reward. Make mealtimes relaxed and friendly.

• Be aware
Develop an understanding of eating disorders and what to look out for. Seek trained professional help. Prompt treatment can break unhealthy eating patterns before they become harder to overcome.

Remember that happiness and fulfillment does not depend on a particular diet, weight, or body size. Embrace the natural diversity of human bodies and acknowledge your body’s unique shape and size.

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