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Tips to Keep the Mind Sharp as You Age

In raising knowledge this Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Week, here are a few tips on how to keep your mind sharp as you age.

  1. Choose foods that promote a brain-healthy diet, that means eating less fat and more dark green leafy vegetables and fish.
  2. Exercise both your body and mind. Take a walk around your backyard or if it is not possible, you can do stretches around the living room instead. In terms of exercising mentally, there are tons of activities you can do such as reading for intellectual stimulation, writing, drawing, listening to music, playing an instrument, learning a foreign language or a craft, or solving puzzles to maintain sharp mental processes.
  3. Reduce your alcohol consumption. Drinking too much alcohol can decrease your mental function and damage your brain’s hippocampus in the long run. Best to start avoiding the risk of memory loss now by limiting your alcohol intake.
  4. Get plenty of sleep. Sleep problems often lead to problems with memory and other cognitive functions. Allow your brain to rest and give it time to process and move your newly learned skills and memory to the permanent regions of your brain.
  5. Keep a good posture; this will improve circulation and blood flow to the brain. Not only will you improve your brain functions, you will also improve your mood and general posture.
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