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For the Better: Tips for a Healthier Environment and You

In celebration of World Environmental Health Day, we give you tips on protecting the environment and your health.

Choose local goods. Vegetables and fruits that are locally produced are more likely to be freshly picked. Instead of buying foods that are imported and exposed to different environments, don’t you think it is better to consume a much fresher produce? When you head down to the grocery store, feel free to ask the stock clerk if they know where their perishable goods come from.

Grow your own food. To make sure your fresh produce is fresh and free from harsh chemicals, why not grow your own food? You do not need to have a wide backyard; a kitchen windowsill and a couple of pots can be enough to grow your own herbs and spices. Surely, there are several vegetables you can simply grow from pots.

Ditch the car for a bike or a pair of walking sneakers. Consider taking a bike or walking to your destination if it is not that far. Say you need to buy medicine and the drugstore is only a few blocks away, why not take your feet for a walk? You get to save on gas and get a free leg workout as well, and not to mention, you help reduce the greenhouse gas.

Reuse. Always keep an eco-bag with you. You never know when you need to buy something, and while paper bags are a good alternative, they still contribute considerable waste to the environment. Invest in a durable insulated tumbler for you to use when buying a drink. By opting to use reusable products, these little efforts will be a great contribution to the environment in the long run.

Turn it off. Cut down on your energy use by switching off lights when you leave a room, and on mornings, use the natural light in your room instead of switching the fluorescent lights on. Be conscious of your usage of electronic devices, too. This tiny effort will be a huge help to your finances, health, and the environment

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