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Tips to Better Sleep

  1. Stick to a sleep schedule. Healthy adults need at least seven hours’ sleep. Be consistent with your sleep-wake cycle. Go to bed and get up at the same time every day. If you cannot avoid it during weeknights and weekends, try to limit the difference in your sleep schedule to no more than one hour.
  2. Pay attention to what you eat and drink. Do not go to bed hungry or stuffed. Avoid heavy or large meals within two hours before bedtime. Also, refrain from nicotine and caffeine which take hours to wear off and avoid alcohol which can disrupt sleep later.
  3. Create a restful environment. Make your room ideal for sleeping - cool, dark, and quiet. Avoid prolonged use of light-emitting screens just before bedtime.
  4. Limit daytime naps. Limit your nap time to 30 minutes and avoid doing so late in the day. If you work nights, however, you might need to nap late in the day before work to help make up your lack of sleep.
  5. Include physical activity in your daily routine. Regular physical activity is like sleeping pills. It relieves stress and anxiety and tires you out. However, make sure that your workout ends at least one hour before you turn in.
  6. Manage worries. Resolve your concerns before bedtime, write what is in your mind and set aside. Meditation and managing stress by getting organized, setting priorities and delegating tasks might also help you sleep better.
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