Image by Matheus Ferrero from Pexels

Tips for a Better Oral Health

A good oral health is very important for our overall wellness. Keep it all smiles this 2021!

• Brush two minutes at least twice a day.
Brushing your teeth daily is important as it removes plaque and prevents build up.

• Floss, floss, floss.
Brushing your teeth isn’t enough, make sure to clean the spaces between your teeth with a dental floss or water to loosen bacteria and food debris between teeth.

• Skip the rinse.
When brushing, spit out the toothpaste but you can skip rinsing your mouth with water. It sounds a bit disgusting, but experts argue that rinsing your mouth after brushing will wash away the fluoride from the toothpaste. Simply spitting the foamed toothpaste without rinsing your mouth keeps the fluoride on your teeth, which helps in strengthening and protecting them.

• Build your oral hygiene routine.
Ask for the assistance of your dentist. What works for each person differs, so make sure you adapt to a routine that best suits you.

• Buh-bye bad habits.
Quit the nasty habits that harm your oral health— smoking, nail biting, frequent snacking with sugary foods and drinks, and teeth grinding.