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Self-Care Tips for Moms

Being a mom is a tough job! Juggling multiple responsibilities, tasks, errands, housework, and children’s activities and having a career outside the home is daunting. Don’t let self-care fall by the wayside. Dismissing your own needs can affect your overall health. Small acts of self-care or self-kindness can go a long way in decreasing the feelings of exhaustion, burnout, stress and even depression that busy mothers often feel.

Here are totally doable self-care tips.

1. Sneak exercise into your day
Try for some daily physical activity each day, with a goal of 150 minutes total a week. Even simple crunches and squat jumps can help you stay fit and energized. Or do activities with your kids like cycling or dancing. Remember, consistency is the key.

2. Focus on a basic healthy diet
Meals should include lean meats, low-fat dairy, fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Avoid sugary beverages, alcohol and high-fat foods. Drink six to eight cups of water daily.

3. Get a good night’s sleep
Aim for seven to eight hours of sleep each night. This will help you feel refreshed the next morning.

4. Stay organized
Plan the day’s activities. Prioritize tasks. Do the most time-consuming or less interesting tasks to get them out of the way first. Avoid stress form unexpected tasks.

5. Delegate and ask for help
Accept help when offered and do not be afraid to say no to commitments that do not interest you or you do not have time for.

6. Schedule your "me time"
Take advantage of early mornings for this. Go for a jog, practice meditation, or read a book. You can also add a coffee date with your friends or set a spa schedule.

Ref: Accessed April 2022

The article written above is for informational and educational purposes only. For serious medical and health concerns, please consult a licensed health provider.