Photo by Hakan Nural from Pexels

Rainy Season Health Tips

1. Drink clean water
During rainy days, you should ensure that you are drinking clean purified water. Contaminated water can take a serious toll on your health and lead to many complications.

2. Avoid street food
Rainy season might make you crave hot spicy street foods. As many roads are full of potholes filled with water and mud, they make a perfect storehouse for various kinds of harmful microorganisms.

3. Eat more immunity-boosting foods
The immunity system gets highly affected in the rainy season, so it needs extra care. To protect yourself, start consuming immunity-boosting foods like seasonal and citrus fruits, vegetables, mixed seeds, nuts and healthy oil.

4. Maintain hygiene
Make sure to keep yourself clean and dry because moisture facilitates the growth of infections. Keep your house also free from waterlogging, stagnant water, leakage and broken pipes.

5. Exercise regularly
Don’t get influenced by the cozy environment and forget about your regular exercise routine. Indoor exercises such as skipping, squatting, and planking can help you keep active.

Ref: Accessed May 2024.

The article written above is for informational and educational purposes only. For serious medical and health concerns, please consult a licensed health provider.