Image by Kira auf der Heide from Unsplash

Naturally Boost Your Immunity This Cold Season

More greens and garlic. There’s a reason why most edible plants are in season during colder months. Bulk up on your vegetables, especially on greens as they can decrease immune overreactions, reduce inflammation, and stimulate slow immune responses.

Keep those healthy fats. Good fats are needed in your body, too. Omega-3 fatty acids help your immune system react quickly and recognize body invaders. Fats are also necessary in strengthening gut barrier.

Exercise. Doing a few stretches and jumps is generally good for your body, but it also positively impacts your immune system. Exercising allows your body to circulate white blood cells faster.

Fresh air and sunshine. It’s close to impossible to get out of our homes and go on a trip to a sunnier place nowadays. We can still sit for a while outside of our homes to soak up the sun in the morning. Spending time outside allows your immune system to adapt to your surroundings.

Fresh juice and cider. Fresh fruit and vegetable juice are perfect in giving you a shot of vitamins and minerals your body needs. It’s important you get a good amount of vitamins daily. Better yet, add apple cider vinegar on your juice. There are studies that showed health benefits in adding ACV to your fruit juices or smoothies and what’s even better is you can mix it up and add your own sweeteners to your juice.

Ref: Accessed November 2020