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Healthy Lifestyle Guide for Youth and Young Adults

Start and lead great things with a healthy body and mind.

Make sure you get your daily exercise. Physical activities are a great morning starter. They can give you that extra boost of adrenaline you need for the day. You can start with minimal aerobics, and light exercises that build your muscles and bones.

Make healthy food choices. Make sure to eat three healthy meals a day, with healthy snacks. Choose healthy foods and healthy cooking options like baking or broiling. Decrease salt, butter, gravies, and red meat. As always, do not forget to drink your water and avoid drinks high in sugar.

Make sleep a priority. Skipping sleep can be harmful to the body. Sleep is food for the brain. Just like your body, it needs food (sleep) to function properly. You can also take naps as these help you work more efficiently and feel well-rested.

Make time for yourself. Do not try to take on too much. As much as possible, avoid stress. Learn to let things go— if it is something that is out of your control, leave it. You do not need to control everything. If things get too overwhelming, divert your emotion, and focus on something you enjoy doing or gives you comfort.

Make your personal mantra. Think of it as a brief pep talk that you give yourself. It is not easy to open up and you would normally keep stuff to yourself, so why not make a personal mantra that doubles as a pep talk to tell yourself when you feel down.

Ref: Accessed May 2020.