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Cancer Prevention Tips

Live smoke-free.
The single most important thing you can do to reduce your risk of cancer is to live smoke-free.

Be sun safe.
Enjoy the sun safely – protect your skin and protect your eyes.

Have a healthy body weight.
Besides living smoke-free, having a healthy body weight is one of the best things you can do to reduce cancer risk.

Eat well.
Eating well is an important part of reducing your cancer risk. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and limit processed meats.

Move more, sit less. Not enough physical activity and too much sitting increases your cancer risk. Aim for 30 minutes of activity every day and take frequent, short breaks from sitting.

Limit alcohol. Drinking any type or amount of alcohol increases your risk of developing cancer. The less alcohol you drink, the lower your cancer risk.

Get screening tests There are important screening tests that can help protect against cancer. Some of these tests find cancer early when it is more treatable, while others can actually help keep cancer from developing in the first place. .

Ref: Accessed August 2023.

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