Image by Arun Kuchibhotla from Unsplash

COVID-19 Holiday Celebration Tips

Consider alternative ways to celebrate the holidays.
A virtual gathering (like a video chat) is the safest option. It will allow close friends and relatives to celebrate with you.

Traveling increases the chance of getting and spreading COVID-19
Traveling by plane, train, or bus can mean standing in lines and sitting less than 6 feet from people for long periods of time.

Take care when hosting a holiday gathering
Limit in-person gatherings in size and duration. The more people involved, and the longer the event, the greater the risk.Never participate in a holiday gathering if you have symptoms or believe you have been recently exposed to the coronavirus.

Try to have as many activities outside as weather permits.

If your gathering needs to be inside, try to increase air flow by partially opening a couple of windows.

Everyone in the gathering must wear masks indoors when not eating and drinking.

Avoid buffet style food serving and consider single-use disposable utensils and dishware for serving and eating meals.

Do your gift shopping online
Shop through local store websites and choose pick-up options. Grocery shopping online with delivery and curbside pick-up is also available in many locations.

If you need to shop in-person, try to go at less busy times.