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6 Steps to Prevent Cancer

Prevention is better than cure. While following these tips to a T will not guarantee you’re free from cancer, it still is a good precaution to consider for the sake of your health.

1. Don’t use tobacco – This is the first and foremost warning/tip in preventing cancer. Tobacco products have been linked to many types of cancer. Secondhand smoke is also as risky as smoking, so make sure to distance yourself from smokers.

2. Protect your skin from the sun – Extreme exposure to the sun’s UV radiation causes most skin cancer. Make sure to use adequate sun protection, either staying indoors or outdoors.

3. Eat a healthy diet – Consider your daily meals. Make sure to include healthy produce and limit red meat and processed canned goods.

4. Maintain a healthy weight and be physically active – A daily simple exercise can make a positive change in your body in the long run. You do not have to hit the gym or pay for expensive gym coaches; it can be as simple as morning stretches.

5. Practice safe sex and get immunized – Certain virus, such as HPV, can be spread through skin to skin contact during intercourse but can be prevented through vaccines. It is best to talk to a doctor about it.

6. Know your family medical history and if possible, get regular cancer screenings – You can book screenings and tests to detect cancer early. You may also look into your family’s medical history and discuss it with a doctor.

Ref: Accessed August 2020