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28-Day Heart Challenge

The month of February is all about love. Express that love by engaging in heart-healthy activities not only for you but also for the people around you. Make a calendar to commit small challenges to do something for the health of your heart each day. Eventually, the smallest of challenges can add up to make a big impact.

Here are some ideas to plot on your February calendar. Surely your heart will love you for it!

Day 1: Go for a 10-minute walk
Day 2: Eat an extra fruit or vegetable
Day 3: Take a breather for five minutes
Day 4: Call a friend to chat and laugh
Day 5: Dance to your favorite music
Day 6: Go for a bike ride
Day 7: Take the stairs instead of the elevator
Day 8: Enjoy a virtual or self-guided stretching exercise
Day 9: Work in your garden
Day 10: Play a sport you like
Day 11: Go for a hike
Day 12: Choose oatmeal for breakfast
Day 13: Substitute seafood for red meat
Day 14: Write down three things for which you are grateful
Day 15: Cut one soda out of your day
Day 16: Have tea instead of a sugary coffee drink
Day 17: Skip one alcoholic beverage
Day 18: Indulge in only one piece of dark chocolate
Day 19: Park your car farther away to get more steps
Day 20: Watch a heartwarming movie
Day 21: Allow emotions to flow
Day 22: Pet your fur baby
Day 23: Appreciate what you have
Day 24: Cook with olive oil
Day 25: Choose a healthier fast-food option
Day 26: Play with your children
Day 27: Snack on a handful of nuts
Day 28: Meet up with friends

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